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Building an elite team, cultivating advanced culture, creating quality brands

Building an elite team, cultivating advanced culture, creating quality brands

    Since its establishment in 2010, Zhejiang Ailissa Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has grown into an environmentally friendly product development and sales of decorative materials after six years of entrepreneurship and development with the support of Guanzhong and all employees. Wallpaper manufacturing, sales; paper labels, chemical products, plastic products, household appliances sales; import and export of goods and technology.

    Talent is the foundation of a strong enterprise, and the norm is the outline of the enterprise. With the enhancement of the strength of Zhejiang Ailisha Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., the company has continuously increased its investment in human resources, and actively adopted measures to recruit talents from the outside world, strengthen training and cultivate talents, and cultivate a professional and good management. , will manage and pursue excellence in the corporate management team.

    At the same time, the company has formulated and improved a series of management norms and management systems, so that the processes of the various departments of the company are clear and coordinated, which provides a strong guarantee for the realization of various business objectives.

    Corporate culture rallies people’s hearts and brand values drive action. In the process of development, the company attaches great importance to the shaping of corporate culture and brand building. It starts from the details to cultivate corporate cohesion, and as an important principle for carrying out each business activity, it has gradually formed a business philosophy of unity, integrity, pragmatism and innovation. And the core of corporate culture, and deeply rooted in the hearts of every Alisa.

    In the future development process, Zhejiang Ailsa Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of unity, integrity, pragmatism and innovation, and further strengthen the standard management, build elite teams, cultivate advanced culture, and build high-quality brands. The company’s sustained, healthy and rapid development. In the process of continuous development and growth, we will continue to create environmentally friendly, healthy, fashionable and high-quality wallpaper products, provide multi-faceted quality services, and create a good growth platform for employees to create value for the society. Promote the company’s own development! Zhejiang Ailsa Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. looks forward to working together with colleagues from all walks of life to jointly write a magnificent new chapter!