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Survive by quality, develop by innovation, provide first-class products, and achieve satisfactory service.

    Adhering to the premise of environmental protection, the company regards quality as the life of the enterprise, the credit first, the customer first, attaches importance to modern management methods, seeks development with quality, and wins the praise of consumers with advanced technology, qualified products and reasonable price. It is known as "China’s most influential brand."

    The company now has a number of advanced wallpaper production lines at home and abroad. Natural and environmentally-friendly high-quality substrates, high-level production technology, and strict quality control system are carefully created to produce colorful home furnishing. At the same time, it has advanced first-class printing equipment, Xi’an Huayang gravure printing machine, circular concave machine quick machine, Guangdong Xinming and circular concave machine, special 2.8 meters wide machine printing machine.