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Full participation, strengthen management, strive for excellence, casting quality

   Zhejiang Ailsa Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has a total of 455 employees, specializing in the R&D department. There are 14 people in the R&D department, 10 people with college education or above, and 71.43% of the total number of R&D personnel. The company’s main business is the development, production and sales of wallpaper. The function distribution, education level and age structure of the company’s employees are in good matching and complementarity with the company’s business.
Talent is the foundation of the company. Zhejiang Ailsa Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. always pays attention to the cultivation of talents and constantly improves the staff training system to build a learning enterprise.

    The company conducts new employee induction training to let new employees understand the company’s structure, system and related business, so that everyone who comes to Alisa can work faster and better, and integrate into the company’s family faster and better. Enhance the sense of belonging of new employees and the cohesiveness of the company.

    Alisa also strengthens the training of reserve cadres. The training includes face-to-face and online self-study to broaden the comprehensive knowledge of reserve cadres, enhance the breadth and depth of their layout, and enhance the comprehensive capabilities of reserve cadres. In order to improve the overall staff quality, sales performance and store management ability, the company will organize national supervisors and managers to participate in different types of promotion training every quarter. In-house training and learning have improved the various professional skills and qualities of employees, thereby enhancing the overall strength of the company and fostering an atmosphere of continuous learning and innovation.