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Top ten brands in China’s wallpaper industry

    Zhejiang Ailisha Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. currently has 13 production lines. After years of technical accumulation and precipitation, it has mastered the production of PVC wallpapers, non-woven paper series wallpapers, pure paper series wallpapers, etc. technology. According to the different needs of the market and customers, the company produces different wallpaper series products through the design of the pattern, the improvement of the process and the choice of materials. Under the leadership of the company’s management, in recent years, the company’s production scale has been continuously expanded, product quality has been continuously improved, and has been highly recognized by customers. The company’s main brand "Alisa" has been recognized as one of the top ten brands in China’s wallpaper industry by China Building Decoration Materials Association. It has a high reputation in the wallpaper industry and has become one of the larger manufacturers in the wallpaper industry.

    Zhejiang Ailsa Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has its own professional design team, which designs various wallpaper products that can lead the trend according to the needs of the market and different places every year, and provides users with personalized design, color preparation and imitation services. The company’s design team is led by world-class wallpaper design masters, and the release of each product will trigger a new trend.

    Zhejiang Ailissa Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. always adheres to the design concept of wallpaper art and creative fashion, so that the wallpaper decoration culture can show fashion trends, artistic creativity and cultural tastes. Alice’s young team and experienced, each designer’s products are the focus of the wallpaper industry.