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Negative oxygen ions are negatively charged air particles, just like vitamins in food, which are very important to human health, so they are called "air vitamins", also known as "longevity". It is colorless, tasteless, and invisible. Under normal circumstances, we need 13 billion negative oxygen ions per day.

What is negative oxygen ion


Improve healthy negative oxygen ions

When the positive ions in the atmosphere increase, the positive ions in the blood will also increase, causing the oxidation of human tissue cells, the poor permeability of the cell membrane, causing the metabolism to weaken, causing diseases and accelerating aging. The increase of positive ions reduces the cell skills of about 60 megabytes of the human body, and the damage maintains the regulatory function of the organism's constantity, physiological dysfunction, is prone to disease, and the disease is difficult to cure.

On the contrary, in the sunny days with good atmospheric conditions, the negative oxygen ions increase, and the body and mind will feel very comfortable. This is because the increase of negative ions makes the metabolism strong, the cells activate, the physiological functions of the human body are normal, and the natural healing power is enhanced. And the function of the autonomic nerve has also become normal.


Benefits of using negative oxygen ion wallpaper

Negative ion wallpaper is an ecological wallpaper that releases negative ions, which plays a big role in people's living environment and health.

Corresponding effect map of negative oxygen ion concentration in human living environment (site concentration unit: one / cubic centimeter / second)

Negative oxygen ions