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Industry standard release
Time:2018-11-12 13:49:38    Page view (1014)

Wallpaper wall covering is one of the important materials for house decoration. The China Building Decoration Materials Association wallpaper wall covering branch officially released two latest industry standards - "Standards for Non-woven Wallpapers for Architectural Decoration JG/T 509-2016" and "Textile surface wallpaper (cloth) standard JG/T 510-2016", and will be implemented in the whole industry on June 1 this year.

Zhang Yuhong, president of the Wallcovering Branch of China Building Decoration Materials Association, said that in recent years, due to the homogenization of products between enterprises, low-cost and inferior competition, the price of wallpaper wall covering products has been running for a long time. In 2016, the total supply of wallpaper in China was 328 million volumes, and the production capacity was 1.5 billion volumes. The production capacity was seriously overcapacity.

Zhang Yuhong said that the introduction and implementation of these two standards is expected to bid farewell to the industry’s incomplete product standards and industry standards, to further standardize and improve the quality of wallpaper wall covering products, for manufacturers’ production, product circulation, and consumer judgment of product quality. Provide an important basis. Subsequently, the club will also organize relevant training for relevant enterprises across the country, and cooperate with the quality inspection departments of the country and localities to conduct quality supervision on the products involved, so as to achieve the purpose of standardizing products and regulating the industry.